Posted 23 / 03 / 2016
  1. Added Brown and Pink Panda Transformation Rings
  2. Fixed Blood Castle Event Boss Monster Appearance occasional issue
  3. Fixed trade issue of event inventory items resulting in loss of items in specified scenario
  4. Fixed Sign of lord not creating another stack after reaching max stack count of 255
  5. Range of improvements to Anti-HitHack System
  6. Fixed rare scenario of crash at the end of Chaos Castle Survival event
  7. Final fix for inability to participate Chaos Castle Survival after quitting Battle Core queue at specified stage of the event
  8. Fixed part of data not being deleted upon character removal
  9. Added experimental HitHack cheat protection
  10. Extended XShop Gift System Enable
  11. Extended max monster level to 254 (previously 150)
  12. Fixed main.exe not starting on some PC
  13. Fixed invalid Knight and Magic Gladiator damage appeared in specified scenario after introduction of Same/Different Weapons bonus
  14. Fixed invalid message showing upon entering wrong login name
  15. Fixed ability of overusing ItemBags system to gain coins
  16. Range of code fixes and improvements
Posted 05 / 03 / 2016


  1. Launcher now supports game's reconnect system in case player loses entire internet connection (and normal reconnect too)
  2. Fixed selection of not working Muun options
  3. Fixed improperly applied options of Muun in Sub-Slot position
  4. Fixed sale purchase price of Muun Energy Converter
  5. Fixed ability of receiving Gens reward multiple times in specified scenario
  6. Fixed contribution/kill points are not given to participants of Arca Battle event in specified scenario
  7. Fixed Acheron Guardian event Obelisks continue to respawn in never-ending loop in specified scenario
  8. Improved anti-hack system in numerous of aspects and blocked selection of known hacking methods
  9. Fixed ability to bypass Vulcanus map level requirement via Duel in Duel Arena, now character not meeting level requirement of the map will be spawned to home town
  10. Fixed rank of Errtels mounted in specified Pentagram slot getting invalid after storing Pentagram with the Errtels in Warehouse
  11. Fixed inability to participate Chaos Castle Survival after quitting Battle Core queue at specified stage of the event
  12. Fixed inability to participate Tormented Square after quitting Battle Core queue at specified stage of the event
  13. Blocked ability to join Devil Square low level ranges of the event by master classes, master class can join only level 7 of the event now
Posted 14 / 02 / 2016
  • Added new formula DarkHorseDefenseBonus
  • Changes in Chaos Castle Reward System
  • Fixed Last Man Standing reward issue
  • Fixed Last Man Standing players teleport issue
  • Minor fixes to Arca Battle event
  • Fixed master levels of Berserker skill does not give valid damage in specified scenarios
  • Blocked selected Master Seals/Scrolls from being purchases by non-master character
  • Fixed Nova skill not going to full charge mode
  • Fixed Chaos Castle Survival issues award improperly
  • Fixed hard-coded distance attributes for range of skills
  • Fixed drop of common bags type when throwing item from event inventory
  • Fixed Box of Kundun +2-5 improperly displaying in Warehouse and Inventory
  • Range of minor code fixes and improvements
NOTE: Applications size increased due to improvements in protection system, additionally
You may observe slight increase of memory usage ~+10mb
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