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Mu Online




Server season 6 (Classic) has custom items, and grand reset. Free Online game with a huge number of new features and unique gaming atmosphere on the unique assembly of Universe. We used for a basis a classic version of the game, which you remember from childhood and have been improving it for 20 years. All innovations are unique and available only on our game servers." CLICK HERE TO ENTER CLASSIC.



Directly from the start, MU Legend empowers its players with an extremely action-driven and fast-paced gameplay experience, in best hack 'n' slash tradition. Unlike most current action RPG games, all classes in MU Legend possess powerful area-of-effect skills right from the start, making levelling a truly thrilling and satisfying experience for players of all levels.CLICK HERE TO ENTER LEGEND.



Our team of developers and game masters are living in the world of MU Online and are constantly coming up with something completely new and unusual, different from ordinary everyday stuff. We hope to see each of you in our world to provide you with the most pleasant conditions for the game and give you the opportunity to be proud that you are playing with us. Our server is built with a long term Dedicated Server located at France, EU .

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