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Starting Characters

At the start of the game the players can choose between three different character classes. Each class has its specific powers and items, making no class truely "better" than the other, and all three are typically used to their fullest extent when grouped together. As each character levels up, they can transform into stronger classes. Each progressive class change grants access to new spells, skills, weapons and wings as well as an associated change in appearance. To progress, characters need to do class quests

Character name
Dark Wizard Dark Wizard

Dark Wizard (dw), Soul Master (sm), Grand Master (gm), Soul Wizard (sw)

Dark Knight Dark Knight

Dark Knight (dk), Blade Knight (bk), Blade Master (bm), Dragon Knight (drk)

Fairy Elf Fairy Elf

Fairy Elf (fe), Muse Elf (me), High Elf (he), Noble Elf (ne)

Unlockable Characters

Later on in the game, the player can create special characters only accessible to players who have reached certain levels or purchased certain character cards from the Item Shop

Character name
Magic Gladiator Magic Gladiator

Unlock requirements : 220 Level
Magic Gladiator (mg), Duel Master (dm), Magic Knight (mk)

Dark Lord Dark Lord

Unlock requirements : 250 Level
Dark Lord (dl), Lord Emperor (le), Empire Lord (er)

Summoner Summoner

Unlock requirements : WCoin purchase
Summoner (su), Bloody Summoner (bs), Dimension Master (dim), Dimension Summoner (ds)

Rage Fighter Rage Fighter

Unlock requirements : 200 Level and WCoin purchase
Rage Fighter (rf), Fist Master (fm), Fist Blazer (fb)

Grow Lancer Grow Lancer

Unlock requirements : 220 Level and WCoin purchase
Grow Lancer (gl), Mirage Lancer (ml), Shining Lancer (sl)

Rune Wizard Rune Wizard

Unlock requirements : WCoin purchase
Rune Wizard (rw), Rune Spell Master (rsm), Rune Grand Master (grm), Majestic Rune Wizard (mrw)

Slayer Slayer

Unlock requirements : WCoin purchase
Slayer (slr), Royal Slayer (rsl), Master Slayer (msl), Slaughterer (slt)

Gun Crusher Gun Crusher

Unlock requirements : WCoin purchase
Gun Crusher (gc), Gun Breaker (gb), Master Gun Breaker (mgb), Heist Gun Crusher (hgc)

White Wizard White Wizard

Unlock requirements : WCoin purchase
White Wizard (ww), Light Master (lm), Shining Wizard (shw), Luminous Wizard (lw)

Lemuria Mage Lemuria Mage

Unlock requirements : WCoin purchase
Lemuria Mage (lr), Warmage (wam), Archmage (am), Mystic Mage (mm)

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