Гайды 🕮

  • Generally used by: 🦸 Dark Knights.
  • Effect: Increase final damage by 10%, absorb 10% of damage dealt, increase moving speed (like running), can fly.
  • Skill: Shoot (9 Mana) 2 square range.
  • Requirements: Level 110

It's a NPC with the Chaos Machine is located in ⛳ Noria's (179, 101) center of the city, near the vaultkeeper. In order to use it, one's character must be at level 10 or higher. The 👤 Chaos Goblin creates ⛓ Chaos items, can construct and upgrade weapons and Wings through the unique Chaos System also resides here. When entering the Chaos Machine, the player will have 3 options ...

Well, here are some suggestions for you if you`re interested to make a Horn of 🐉 Dinorant . First, go to 👤 Chaos Goblin.

Assembly prediction: Create 🐉 Dinorant

Regular Combination - Create 🐉 Dinorant

Regular Combination
Tax rate: 1% (changed in real-time)
Combining Success rate: 70%
Required zen: 505,000(500,000)
  • Horn of 🐉 Dinorant
  • Notice that when you fail to combine the items
    you can lose the items

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