Гайды 🕮

You can enter how many times and when you want inside the event.
All Rooms have 3 stages, except the last one who have 4.
Difficulty and drop will be setted depending your level.
1) Party members are warped inside the event.
2) Doors cant be killed before kill all monsters inside the room.
3) When boss die will give you an item and event will End.

You may go to Event by talking to NPC

Fortress of 📒 Imperial Guardian is one of the newest event additional to the Mu Continents. NPC for entry to the Fortress of 📒 Imperial Guardian Event is located in ⛳ Devias 3 at the coordinates (229, 221).

Well, here are some suggestions for you if you`re interested to make a 📒 Complete Secromicon . First, go to 👤 Jerint the Assistant.

Requirement: See below for day of the week

📅 Monday to 📅 Saturday:

You'll need a Gaion's Order



How create ticket Gaion's Order:

You need to collect 5 📒 Suspicious Scrap of Paper, which drops in some areas of the game. Joining the 5 units it transforms into a Gaion's Order automatically.


📅 Sunday:

You'll need a 📒 Complete Secromicon

How create a 📒 Complete Secromicon:

You need to collect the 6 Fragments of Secromicon, which drops each of a boss of the week.
📅 Monday's Fragment will be different from that on 📅 Tuesday and so it goes.
Therefore, to have access to 📅 Sunday, you need to attend every day.

It's a NPC with the Chaos Machine is located in ⛳ Noria's (179, 101) center of the city, near the vaultkeeper. In order to use it, one's character must be at level 10 or higher. The 👤 Chaos Goblin creates ⛓ Chaos items, can construct and upgrade weapons and Wings through the unique Chaos System also resides here. When entering the Chaos Machine, the player will have 3 options ...

Well, here are some suggestions for you if you`re interested to make a 📒 Complete Secromicon . First, go to 👤 Chaos Goblin.

Assembly prediction: 📒 Complete Secromicon

Regular Combination - 📒 Complete Secromicon

Regular Combination
Tax rate: 1% (changed in real-time)
Combining Success rate: 100%
Required zen: 1,010,000(1,000,000)
  • 📒 Complete Secromicon
  • [Dev:46]

    📅 Monday to 📅 Saturday BOSS

    Monday: Destler
    Tuesday: Vermont
    Wednesday: Kato
    Thursday: Galia
    Friday: Erkanne
    Saturday: Raymond









    📅 Sunday BOSS

    First 📅 Sunday BOSS: Jerint
    Second 📅 Sunday BOSS: Gaion Kharein


    DROPS: Only 📅 Sunday

    Level 1 to 100 / 101 to 200 / 201 to 300 / 301 to 400/ Master Level:
    100% Drop 2x items of them:



    Players: 2 ... 5 (only can enter in party)

        - Member of party die
        - Member of party disconnect
        - Member of party gone
        - Time finish

        - Kill Boss



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