Valhalla 239 Online
There has been a lot of talk about some legacy servers lately. While this may be news to some...





Newly created ------------ start game in .
After completing this Quest, the character will evolve into higher Tier Character Class. This Quest is NOT repeatable.

Tier Class Require Bonus

Favorite Builds

A character's stats are the foundation to the calculation of each of your character's attributes. Below we outline some build ideas to help you create the best character possible.

Experience and Levling

Game start with level But, the character possible made no more than level and after level experience not comes. To make + level need .

- Starting from this point, possible start . After character become .

------------ Combo system
The so-called "Combo" is a combination of skills dealt in a fashionable manner. If you connect a series of skills correctly, you will successfully perform a combo. When you deal a combo, you deal bonus damage.

How it work?
Combo has 2 phases:
  • 1. Unlock skill - skill that has to be fired first.
  • 2. Combo skills - skills which are used AFTER Unlock skill.
  • To fire combo you need to use each skill just one time, but if you think about it, you can use first and last skill 1-99 times, important part is that you use middle skill just one time.

    Combo damage formula:

    ------------ 3rd class - Master Skill Tree

    Upon reaching level 400, the character has the opportunity to pump additional skills (Skill Tree). A prerequisite is that the character has a 3rd profession. To see a list of the opportunities opened to you, press the "A" key in the game. The skill tree consists of 3 branches. They are individual for each class. Select a Skill from the Master Skill Tree to preview the details of it.

     Master Skill Tree
    Info preparing...
     Master Skill Tree
    Info preparing...
     Master Skill Tree
    Info preparing...

    Weapons, Sets and Wings

    There are many unique types of equipment to collect in MU Online! From armor sets and weapons, to Wings and Pets, there are a total of 15* equipment slots for most character classes

    Swords, Axes, Maces, Scepters, Spears, Bows, Staffs, Books, Sticks, Shields, Helms, Armors, Gloves, Pants, Boots, Wings

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